Making Money While you Travel

We have all read those articles: How to Make Money While Traveling. And we see the same things; flight attendant, tour guide, writer, government jobs, etc. But how applicable are all these jobs, and can I really obtain these? What about budgeting before you actually go, isn’t it equally as important? We interviewed five travelers to get the scoop on how it really happens.

Dylan – The Go-Getter

aboutpicDylan has been traveling for years now; his most recent trip has been about six months (Indonesia à Thailand à Cambodia à Vietnam back to Thailand). His route? He convinced his boss to let him work his job remotely. He is a salesman through a music company, along with this; he rents a house back home in Canada. He is experimenting with some new business opportunities, which will only help him to travel even more!

Dylan’s advice to travelers: “To take action and go. You can sit, contemplate, wonder, and research forever. The only way to actually experience something is to go out and experience it. You can’t really prepare for the unknown, so simply get up and go. You’ll figure it out.”

Ryan – A tech-savvy adventurer traveling the globe

10454253_297569960404651_1242103321613676246_oRyan gets away whenever he can; he fell in love with the art of traveling the world after moving to London post graduation. He covered most of Europe while he was there and after that backpacked from Egypt to Cape Town (and everywhere in between). Ryan has designed the Outbound App, which has opened up several new opportunities for him! The key to his travels is to save, save, save. The longest spree he went without working was three months, while backpacking. Advice to you:

“I think the key is to just go. Don’t wait for the ‘right time’ because life will always get in the way. I am yet to meet someone who has said ‘I really regret going on that trip’. So I think my best advice is to just throw the dart at the map, book the ticket and go!”

Michelle – Digital dreamer

1907456_10152257452663156_20069537_nMichelle and her family have been traveling for 10 months. In 2002, Michelle and her husband started an online business so they could work and travel. They create and sell digital products, coach small businesses via webinars and provide digital marketing service to bigger business. Together they have combined their passions, travel and the World Wide Web. Some advice from the family of travelers:

“Find someone who’s doing what you want to do and follow them, find out how they got where they are and emulate them. One word of caution, if you decide to start a location independent business so you can travel make sure it’s something you’re passionate about – it’ll be much easier to focus while you travel around.”

Spencer – An aspiring writer

11208644_10153238176461221_6280883887901575769_nSpencer has been traveling since he was a young boy and as of right now actually doesn’t work! Yes. It’s possible. You do have to save though and he does occasionally pick up a side job here or there on a beach somewhere. His dream though? Writing freelance. It is a great way to make money; plus there are many different ways to find a job doing this. He is on the right track too. Spencer just recently got published. The best way to get your name around is to get noticed! Spencer has never been happier.

“For the first time in my life, I’m thoroughly excited when I sit down and begin to write.” – Spencer

Advice: “Get up and just go. The hardest part of travelling is actually committing to it. If you can find the courage to book the ticket then you’ve made the most difficult step. And go into new places with an open mind; don’t judge a new place off of reviews or rumors. My favorite places have often been the ones where I expected nothing and was rewarded with paradise.”

Yeager and Beth – Equal opportunity employees

untitled-1-5-copyTogether this inspiring couple has been traveling for about two months. They have a multitude of skills, which allows them to do different jobs as they go. They will cook, clean, bartend or just about anything that comes up! Yeager and Beth are always up for learning something new also. They strive to balance out working and traveling; working for a month, then traveling for a month, on and off.

Their advice: “Work your butt off and save up. You need less than you think and you can always find ways to make ends meet. Money comes and goes, but the experiences in life are far more rewarding than a large bank account – so don’t be afraid to go for broke if it will give you an experience of a lifetime!”

Brooke – A wandering spirit

unnamedBrooke started traveling when she was 20 years old and after that she fell in love with the world. Over the past 14 years she has spent nine of those living and traveling abroad.

When Brooke first left she had a one-year Canadian working visa and $5,000 in the bank, working various jobs in different towns. From there she made her way through the UK and Europe with money saved from those jobs. After a few years back home earning and saving in Australia, she next traveled Asia and Europe for five months without even working! Now with her husband by her side (whom she met that first year in Canada) they are traveling the seas on their family sailboat. There is no credit in this family. When they run out of money, they just stop and get a job.

For Brooke, she’s never worked on-the-go, she just bases herself somewhere for a few months or a few years and works for a local business. Her jobs have ranged from: snowboarding into work on a Canadian ski resort to serving at weddings in a 700-year-old castle in Scotland! Simply put, Brooke is addicted to travel and her advice to you?

“Unless you are looking to settle longish term as an ex-pat and score a professional job, don’t go in search of work abroad expecting to earn the same kind of money you did at home. There are some exceptions, but most employers know you are transient and will usually get away with paying minimum wage. Sometimes you can make this up with tips (say in North America), or your employer will provide staff meals, discounted accommodation or other perks (such as free ski season pass). But the pay-off is you’ll be doing something ridiculously memorable (like a mountain-top ski lift host or snorkeling guide in Belize) with like-minded people who’ll likely become life-long friends.”

ABOUT: Megan and Andrew are Official Outbound Ambassadors. Currently based in America, they are a long distance couple that met in college and were brought together through their crazy life journeys. They share a passion for adventure and are determined to make their dreams of traveling the world a reality. Megan and Andrew are constantly looking for new thrills and enjoy sharing every experience via their blog:

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