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Maybe you’re a backpacker, a solo traveller, a digital nomad or maybe you’re not even travelling right now but would love to meet travellers nearby? It doesn’t matter what type of traveller you are, on Travello you can tailor the app to create the community you want.


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Summary of key features

Explore the global village on Travello!

  • Discover

    Discover other travellers nearby & meetups to join

  • Social Feed

    Post your travel updates & photos or interact with other travellers

  • Join Interest Groups

    Join groups that match your interests & interact with travellers in the group

  • Match Travel Plans

    Find travellers who will be in the same destination at the same time

  • Travel Deals

    Discover location based travel deals from all around the world

  • wifi finder

    Easily locate over 50,000 free WiFi spots on our WiFi Finder

Finding New Friends While Travelling is simple with Travello

Some moments are better shared, Travello connects like-minded travellers so that you can share those moments with new friends. Join groups that match your interests to connect and share with other members that are just in that group. You can also tailor the nearby screen by nationality, age, gender, traveller type and location, enabling you to create the community you want.

Match your travel plans with other travellers.

Searching for new travel friends when you arrive is fun, but why not discover other travellers heading to the same destination at the same time before you fly? Simply put in your travel destination & dates & Travello will do the rest! Start connecting before you arrive.

The Complete Social Travel App

If you travel you need Travello, check out more great features below:

Travellers Nearby

Join Interest Groups

Posts & Feed

Discover Matching Trips

Location Based Deals

WiFi Finder

  • As a solo female traveler I actually use Travello quite often and connect with other solo travelers traveling to the same country, it takes away the hardest part of solo traveling; connecting with like-minded solo travelers. thesocialgirltraveler.com or @thesocialgirltraveler

    Jen Morilla
  • Travello has been great in connecting me with travellers from all over the world. It's the best thing that has happened to the travel community in a while! And I don't know what I would do without their WIFI finder! adventuroustrails.com or @kreeeeete

    Kreete Tokman
  • Travello is my new favourite go-to-travel tool! Not only can you list your next travel destinations but Travello offers a community of like-minded people and I LOVE that! You can create local events, locate the nearest free wifi all along with chatting to newly found travel friends. Travello is the way to go! alicepye.com or @alicepye

    Alice Pye
  • Travello has allowed us to foster friendships with travelers from all around the world. It’s helped us open our eyes to various cultures and customs by giving us the ability to meet people from all walks of life. Whether you’re traveling your backyard or internationally, there’s a always a friend nearby on Travello that you can connect with. Indefinitetravel.com or @indefinitetravel

    Andrew & Megan

Start connecting with new travel friends from over 170 countries today.

Available on iOS and Android

Travello is a Mixpanel Partner

Travello is a Mixpanel Partner

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